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THE CONTRACTOR STIMULUS PROGRAM PROMISE.  You will learn three (3) new ways to create work for yourself and your crews instead of waiting for the next job to show up, and you will make more money doing it.

THE CONTRACTOR STIMULUS PROGRAM DIFFERENCE.  With this program you will learn why the skills you already have as a contractor give you a huge advantage over non-contractors trying to do the same thing.

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THE CONTRACTOR STIMULUS PROGRAM CREDIBILITY. Written by contractors for contractors, this is not some theoretical exploration of possible outcomes.  For example, we explore how one contractor earned more money on one job than he did in an entire year, and how he is able to reproduce that process over and over again!

What You Get When You Sign Up For The Contractor Stimulus Program. 

  • Three introductory videos with an hour and a half of information that completely explains the opportunities that are available to you right now, and how you can take advantage of them.
  • A 12-page printable companion workbook to follow along with the important points in the videos, with graphs keyed to time markers in each video.
  • An ever-expanding Taking Action Webinar Series on various topics necessary to expand your business and start doing what you need to do.  Currently, that library has over 6 hours of solid information.
  • Case Studies from contractors just like you that have transformed the way they work, and exactly how they have done it.  We are waiting for your contribution to this area!
  • Private telephone consultations with the program creators to explore opportunities specific to your type of work, and to get coaching on what action to take to move you in that direction.

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Here is a Sample of What You’ll Learn.

Bob and DaveYou’ll meet veteran contractors Bob Tierney and David Lupberger who will guide you through the exploration of the challenges facing contractors today, and why the housing industry is faced with the “perfect storm”.

Listen and watch as Bob describes the Aha! moment when he realized that “trading time for dollars” wasn’t cutting it, and the journey he embarked on to transform how he worked, using the skills he already had as a contractor.

Employment in ConstructionAs Bob considered his options around 2007, the industry was just about to head into its precipitous plunge from the crash of the economy and the housing market.

As you can see from the graph here at right, excerpted from the Contractor Stimulus Program materials, that plunge was steep; impacting the state of employment in the industry throughout the country to this day.

If you are you finding it difficult to keep a constant flow of work coming in, you’re not alone.  The methods of finding work are not working as well as they did in the past.

The Perfect StormA number of economic and social circumstances came together at the same time to create “the perfect storm” in residential real estate.  These unrelated events conspired to create the crash that many contractors are experiencing.

Bob and Dave carefully lay out the timeline and the events leading up to the worst recession in housing starts that we have seen in over 50 years, and what’s left in the wake of it all.  You will start to see how all this can actually benefit you.

Housing StartsFor example, since 1960, U.S. Housing Starts have been cyclical, following the state of the economy and the confidence of people in the country.

However, the number of housing starts has never been this low because the downturn has been fueled by fraudulent lending practices by banks, dragging down the economy and consumer confidence.

In the aftermath, which is predicted to continue through 2015, your skills are key to helping rebuild this economy.

Bob Explains TechnicalitiesAre you skeptical?  You should be!  After all, here we are telling you that what you already know is the key to your new success and that seems counter-intuitive.  To create new wealth, you should be doing new things, right?

Yes, that’s right and it’s important to be doing new things, and you will have to learn the intricacies of those practices, but the whole point is that what you already know as a contractor puts you far ahead in the game.

U.S. PopulationFor example, are you aware of the growing U.S. population as a result of the children of the 19-year “baby boom” that started in 1946?  As those children begin to come of age, they will demand more and more housing.

Contractors that shift their business models now will be uniquely positioned to benefit from the huge demand that will be upon us in the upcoming years.  You will want to join the thousands of other contractors who make this shift to re-capture the housing market.

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How Will You Create Your Future?

You do amazing work as a contractor; you have great references, and you are proud of your work.  You’ve provided for yourself and your family, and never really had much difficulty lining up the next job(s), and usually in advance.  All of that changed with the economic downturn.  Here is the key point – the slowdown is not your fault.

Now maybe you are someone who hasn’t felt the pinch – yet.  If so, congratulations!  Unfortunately, that’s not the story for most contractors in the country.  Where there is work, desperate competitors are driving down prices just to stay alive.  It’s a tough time to be in construction and the home improvement industry.

You have a unique opening in the real estate world!  Working with distressed properties requires two distinct skill sets:

  1. Knowing how to identify, acquire, and re-sell the houses, and
  2. Getting the work done – what happens between “acquire” and “re-sell”.

You’re already so skilled at “getting the work done” that you may not see how this gives you a massively huge advantage over 95% of the real estate investors out there!

Building SuppliesFor example, you have vendor relationships that get you materials and tools fast and at costs far below what the average person could expect to pay.

You may not realize this, but material and labor costs are the defining costs that are used to calculate the property acquisition price, based on the comparable after-repair value (ARV or “comps”).

Rehab DemoYour skill as a G.C. allows you to get it done right and much quicker than the unskilled person.

And, as we said above, it’s those material and labor costs that define what properties you can acquire and rehab for significant profits.  With both of these factors under your control, you have an advantage that 95% of real estate investors just can’t touch.

Here’s the Catch – unless you’ve had very specific mentoring or training around the acquisition and re-sale piece, you can get yourself into trouble.  Both of us have our share of bruises to show for that, and we think it would be a real value to spare you that suffering.  Just as some people have made thousands of dollars working with distressed real estate, there are more who have lost thousands trying to do the same thing.  We don’t want you to become another statistic!

There are so many nuances about how you go through this whole process that any one of them can cost you thousands of dollars if executed incorrectly.  Why take that chance?  With all that you’ve got going already, you owe it to yourself to get the proper education.

The Bottom Line

Doing what you’ve always done will get you what you’ve always gotten.  If that’s good enough for you; don’t waste your time with The Contractor Stimulus Program.

The Contractor Stimulus Program is not a Get-Rich-Quick scheme.  This is a needs-based program that we put together after witnessing the devastation of the industry that we grew up working in.  We can’t reach everybody; only those people that are really ready to learn something new, and it’s those people who will catapult their businesses.

Although what you have to do requires some education, we feel that the situation is pretty simple:

  1. Contractors are out of work or getting sorely beat up by competition.
  2. There are millions of foreclosures, bank owned homes, and distressed properties that need repairs.
  3. That number is growing daily and not expected to slow down until beyond 2015.
  4. The Contractor Stimulus Program was developed by contractors who are creating substantial income finding, repairing, and bringing these distressed homes back into the marketplace.
  5. This program will get you started on a path to potentially earn $20,000; even over $100,000 or more in profits on simple remodeling projects that any one of us can do (and most of us have – time and again – for someone else).
  6. We are going to show you that, as a contractor you have a substantial advantage over non-contractors working with distressed real estate.
  7. You will receive a comprehensive, step-by-step overview of the process you need to take on that will teach you exactly what you need to know to get into this lucrative market.

We are up to some big things inside this program, and it’s not for the squeamish.  You really need to have the discipline to follow the education.  We will give you the tools and tell you how to use them, but it’s up to you to actually do so.

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